How to Cope with Stress and Reduce Anxiety

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In this blog we bring you some very useful and effective tips on how to reduce stress, relieve the mind and body and reduce the level of anxiety, which has become a disease of the modern age.

Engaging in activities that support self-care can significantly help reduce stress and anxiety. This can include both physical exercises and various mindfulness practices, as well as rituals that will help bring your body and mind back into balance.

Nowadays, a large number of people’s feet face stress every day. Work, family matters, health concerns and financial obligations are all parts of everyday life that play an increasing role in increased stress levels.

The reduction and management of chronic stress in everyday life has become imperative in the modern lifestyle, which is fast and quite ruthless. In this regard, reducing stress as much as possible can drastically support your overall health, both physically and mentally. Chronic stress can increase the risk of health conditions, including heart disease, thyroid disease, poor immunity, susceptibility to infections, anxiety disorders, depression, and new research claims that prolonged exposure to severe stress is a significant risk factor for dementia later in life.

1. Physical activity is extremely important

If you are stressed, moving your body regularly can help reduce your stress levels and improve your


A six-week study of 185 university students revealed that participating in aerobic exercises 2 days a week significantly reduces total accumulated stress, as well as stress caused by uncertainty, fears, insecurity… In addition, the exercise routine has a significant effect on the improvement of depressive conditions.

Regular exercise has been shown to improve symptoms of common mental health conditions such as anxiety and depression.

If you are not currently active, start with gentle activities such as walking, cycling, light exercise or swimming. Choosing an activity that you enjoy can help increase your chances of sticking with it in the long term, which is very important.

Also, going to the gym two to three times a week and then going to the sauna, which would flush out all the accumulated toxins from the body, would significantly improve your overall health and mood.

2. Eat a healthy and balanced diet

Your diet affects every aspect of your health, including your mental health.

A 2022 review of research sources suggests that people who follow a diet high in ultra-processed foods and added sugar are more likely to experience higher levels of stress.

Chronic stress can lead you to overeat and reach for highly palatable foods, which can harm your overall health and mood.

Not eating enough nutrient-dense foods can increase your risk of being deficient in nutrients essential for stress and mood regulation, such as magnesium and B vitamins.

Reducing your intake of highly processed foods and drinks and eating more fresh and unprocessed foods can help strengthen your body, help it cope with stress and prevent its harmful effects.

3. Practice self-care

Taking time to practice self-care can help reduce stress levels. Here's what can be very helpful in reducing stress and anxiety levels, if practiced regularly:

  • go for a walk in nature
  • take an invigorating bath
  • light aromatic candles
  • read a good book
  • practice
  • prepare a healthy meal
  • stretch before bed
  • go for a relaxation massage
  • treat yourself to a regenerating treatment and facial massage
  • reduce the time spent on the phone, in front of the TV or at the computer

People who have understood the importance and practice of self-care have been proven to have lower levels of stress, as well as a significantly improved quality of life, while a lack of self-care is associated with a higher risk of stress and “burnout” better known as “burn out” syndrome.

Taking time for yourself is essential to a healthy life. This is especially important for people who are under severe and prolonged stress.

Self-care doesn’t have to be complex or complicated. It simply means that you take care of your own well-being and happiness.

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